Managerial, Social and Environmental Aspects of the Forest-based Sector for Sustainable Development: 40th Anniversary Conference for 4.05.00

2nd Announcement - Annual Conference of the IUFRO Unit 4.05 Managerial Economics and Accounting and its subgroups

Date: 4 – 6 October 2021


General information
The forestry sector is significantly affected by environmental change and currently facing one of the biggest crises in recent history. A continuous string of natural disasters increases pressure on forest management scenarios, timber and non-wood forest products trading and pricing, sale policies, labour productivity, and demand and supply responses. These challenges considerably influence the whole value chain.
Forest management, timber and non-timber products, and wood markets are confronted with increasing pressure for enhanced managerial skills, planning, logistics, communication, marketing and analysis. The overproduction and related overall deficient demand for wood products also influence the forest-based sector. A shortage of skilled labour to manage the calamitous situation efficiently is significantly affecting the forest-based sector. The crisis in forestry becomes even more deeply rooted due to the current pandemic, which also notably decreases public interest in forest-related issues.
It is the duty of the forestry professional and scientific community at the national, European, and global levels to address this highly challenging condition and to propose steps to stabilise the forest-based and wood sectors.

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